The Function of a Business Website

The more business owners I talk with the more I realize they do not understand what the function of their business website is. Most seem to think that they have one solely because their competitors have one and its the “thing to do”. So, they task an employee, or hire their cousin or nephew, or ask their business friends who did their website and by word-of-mouth they hire a web developer. It’s a classic configuration to see some website built on a free theme, or worse, some html code that was put together in 1997 and uploaded without much regard to what type of hosting it’s on. Many times in the early years of the Internet, a business would employ their ISP (Internet Service Provider) to build a site and host it on their servers, all in the same town, thinking that the site was more-or-less a digital business card. And, they would have their email address displayed on their website and it was usually their ISP’s email like or Yahoo or Gmail. Most never consider using the domain name for e-mail services.

That said, and years later, I’m seeing business owners that still don’t know what a website can do for a business or what it truly can represent. For one, a domain can form the backbone of a company. It’s not only the website that everyone sees, but it’s email and calendar services (I’ll expand more on that in a minute). A domain named website is the companies identity and yes a digital business card, but it’s more than that. Whats the old saying? What you don’t know cant hurt you? Well, in business, thats mostly an untrue statement. Thats where iBizStores comes in and explains all the different ways a business can leverage the technology to organize their company, and make it operate like a well-oiled machine. With file sharing, remote management, intranet capabilities, e-mail and calendar sharing, messaging, SMS (text) services and more. Many business owners think that their company is not a technology company. They think they own an accounting firm. a cleaning service, an HVAC company, an optometrist office, a real estate broker, and so on. The truth is, if you’re not focusing your company on technology, you are really missing out and putting your company and livelihood at risk. Remember the old saying, what you don’t know cant hurt you? The data that a business now creates such as invoices, photos, messages, signed documents, and any other source of information that’s worthy of managing is at risk. Not only is the data at risk, a business that isn’t focusing on technology is putting the entire company at risk. If you are a business owner or manager and you avoid technology because it’s not enjoyable, or you think it’s expensive, or it’s because you’re just too busy, I think you should reconsider and make the time to start learning.

Back to the focus of this article, the function of a business website. I suggest that a website domain name be the starting point of your company’s structure, no matter what type of business or industry you’re in. Start with a domain name, then a website, then e-mail services, calendar sharing services, data backups, your internal network, your phone systems, alarm systems, and all the data that your company produces and manages over time. I tend to think, plan and organize my thoughts using an outline. If you feel that you want help, contact iBizStores and ask for a free one-hour consultation.