SEO and You. Yes You.

I imagine some business owners have heard the term “SEO” and wondered what it was, or figured it was just another acronym that computer people throw around in conversation to make themselves sound like they know what they’re talking about. Most people don’t realize that SEO applies to nearly everything you see online because SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Nearly everyone that has gotten online before has searched using a search engine like Google, Yahoo, or DuckDuckGo for example. That said, you were just involved with something that’s called SEO. Any piece of information online that is found using a search engine has in some way been made available in a form that search engines crawl and index (database) the information in order to make it retrievable at a later date (when you do a search for example).

How does all of this apply to you personally? As a business owner? As an employee of a business? It applies to most people in an indirect manner. Meaning its like the motor oil in your car. You really don’t know what it does exactly but you know your car uses oil or has oil in it somewhere. And, is all information online been “optimized” for search engines? Absolutely not. Search engines have found a way to crawl and scour the web to collect and database information they find online, whether its images, web pages, documents like Word or PDF, and so on. Now are you starting to understand? The idea is to take your data, your website, your information that you want found by search engines and optimize it so it can be more easily found and properly collected by the search engines. Many search engines have things they developed calls “bots” or “spiders” which crawl the web collecting and data-basing information, and links or locations as to where the information was found. I have heard web developers and SEO people call the information “spider food” which means it was written and prepared in a way that the search engine bots and spiders and crawl and collect the data the best way possible. This is where SEO was born.

SEO itself is not a fancy term nor is it a highly technical skill, but it does take years of experience and desire to keep up with new ways to optimize data. Done wrong, and SEO can ruin your data and your website traffic. Done right, and it can add lots of traffic to a website, massive amounts over time if SEO techniques are done properly. SEO can be a one-time service, but it’s recommended to be an on-going service where techniques are applied and then tested over time to make sure they are effective, and continue to be effective over time. If you would like to discuss SEO, please contact iBizStores and ask what can SEO do for you and your business.