What is iBizStores? iBiz + Stores. The “i” stands for Internet, and Biz for Business. The “Stores” is for all things business connected whether its e-commerce, process and procedure design, computer networks, phone systems, or digital marketing.

Based in Lynchburg, Virginia, I focus on working mostly with local businesses within the region, from Lynchburg to Roanoke to Richmond and Danville Virginia. My background was formed on design, initially with drafting and design technology degree using AutoCad software and system administration for multiple companies. This lead itself towards working full-time for Land Surveying Companies, as well as A&E (Architecture and Engineering) firms in the region focusing on Civil Engineering and GIS (Geographical Information Systems), along with records management and underground utility mapping. In turn, this lead to working for a large University and designing and building their first underground utility GIS mapping system, and a bachelors degree in Business Operations Management with a concentration on IT. At this time I dove into e-commerce and built EngineerSupply from the ground up. I ran the company for 20 years building it into a powerhouse within the engineering niche of supplies and recently sold the company to a larger company that manages multiple webstores. My background and experience within the industries of land surveying, engineering, architecture, cad (computer aid design), web development, software, and business has allowed me to help other companies streamline their operations, save money, grow deeper roots, lower expenses, while increasing profit. The determination it takes to build a company while attaining a college degree is something I have developed over time and now enjoy passing onto other business owners.

My goal is to help companies become more efficient and effective both at the same time, while lowering expenses and increasing profits by way of meetings, listening closely, then developing a plan of systems and processes. The systems and processes are then implemented in a logical manner as to not disrupt the normal course of business. Employees are trained and fully explained to before, during and after implementation which makes for a smooth transition from beginning to end. If I cannot help you or your business, I will tell you so after our first hour of meeting. I desire to discover clients that are a true fit for their needs as well as mine and with a high level of positive outcome for the company I work with. Whether its’ web technologies, process and procedure development and documentation, computer networks, phone systems, web presence or digital marketing, my plan is to always help relieve stress from the business owner, while increasing profits.

Rob Powell